Healing mineral water

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Location blessed by nature

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We are located in a place blessed by nature - hundred-year-old pines surround the entire hotel, and through its windows you can always hear the sound of the nearby sea.

A magnificent botanical park is located just a few steps away, and hundreds of thousands of years old healing mineral water flows under the hotel.

Feeling respect for such a special natural place and its human-harmonizing properties, we contributed to creating an authentic quality relaxation oasis for the guests who come here, where you can find all the services of a spa hotel and sincere and warm service.

ppalanga life balance spa hotel

Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel is the result of love for nature, beauty, quality and people. Every hotel space, provided service and detail of the interior is designed with the comfort, coziness and feeling of "at home" in mind for the guests.

We are happy to receive guests who keep coming back and call the hotel their second home. We also warmly welcome first-time visitors.

The mineral water and sauna area established in the hotel has been awarded for its innovation.

Breakfast is always appreciated by the guests as abundant, high-quality, exceptionally tasty, varied, sometimes also called luxurious.

The sleep is such that you want to stay here for another day and another.

We are happy to offer you an exclusive, memorable and quality vacation.


PPlace for conferences and events

For those who are looking for an exclusive place for events, meetings, conferences or personal celebrations surrounded by pine trees and in the neighborhood of the sea.

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