Gift coupon rules & regulations


  1. Bookings are subjects to availability and gift coupon terms & conditions apply. The buyer/ user of the gift coupon agrees to the gift coupon terms & conditions of Palanga life balance SPA hotel upon time of purchase.
  2. Reservations using gift coupon can be made only directly via ph.  + 370 460 41414/ +370 460 41411 or e-mail
  3. Guests should inform hotel staff about payment by gift coupon in advance.
  4. Gift coupons are irrevocable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. Gift coupons are valid for 12 months from date of purchase, unless stated differently on the coupon. In case the gift coupon has not been used or has not been used during the period of validation, the gift coupon becomes non- valid and the amount paid for the coupon is irrevocable.
  6. Monetary gift coupons are considered to be multitype, thus invoices for this type of coupons are provided only after the gift coupon has been used to the receiver of the gift coupon services. 
  7. Palanga city tax of 1 Eur/ per night applied to persons 18 years and older are not included in the gift coupon.
  8. In case, guests using gift coupon are willing to stay different room category than stated  on the coupon, additional charges apply based on available rates.


These General Terms and Conditions of Hotel Service Provision (hereinafter – Terms and Conditions) shall determine the procedure and conditions of service provision by K. Gecas Trade Enterprise Hotel Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel, located in Birutės av. 60 and Birutės av. 52, Palanga (hereinafter – Hotel).

  1. Services Provided by the Hotel

In present Terms and Conditions, the concept “Hotel services” shall mean Hotel guest accommodation and catering services, conference and/or event facilities at the Hotel rental services, conference and/or other event organization at the Hotel services, health promotion and wellness services.

  1. Reservation Submission and Confirmation Procedure

2.1. Reservations for service provision to the Hotel must be presented in writing, via e-mail or at the Administration of the Hotel.

2.2. By submitting a reservation to the Hotel, the customer shall be obliged to indicate the number of guest arriving to the Hotel, their names and surnames, category (type) of desired room or rented premises, arrival and departure times, other requested services, method of payment for services provided by the Hotel.

2.3. If the Hotel has entered into collaboration agreement or any other individual arrangement with natural or legal person, such person, when submitting a reservation, must specify the code or number of relevant collaboration agreement or any other individual arrangement.

2.4. Upon receipt of reservation for services (via e-mail or at Front Office), the Hotel shall confirm fees and conditions pertaining to services to be provided to the customer: the Hotel shall provide detailed information to the guest about Hotel services to be booked, prices thereof, duration, advance payment for reserved services and advance payment deadline, conditions for cancellation of ordered services and other relevant information.

2.5. The agreement for Hotel services shall be considered concluded when the Hotel receives reservation for services and confirms it. Oral agreement of the parties shall take legal effect only if confirmed in writing. The conclusion of the agreement for Hotel services shall cancel all previous arrangements of the parties pertaining to the conditions and procedure of Hotel services and shall place the parties under the obligation to perform concluded agreement.

2.6. If one of the provisions of the agreement for Hotel services is recognized as invalid, and a discussion on amendment thereof is initiated, other provisions of the afore-mentioned agreement and the entire agreement shall remain valid.

2.7. Reservation of Hotel services shall be guaranteed upon payment in accordance with conditions specified in reservation confirmation. Reservation can be guaranteed by credit card, advance payment or agreement with the Hotel.

2.8. Non-guaranteed reservation shall mean reservation of Hotel services that is not paid in advance as provided for in item 2.7. The Hotel shall treat non-guaranteed reservations of Hotel services as reserved from the moment the guest presents the reservation of Hotel services in accordance with procedure laid down in present Terms and Conditions until due date indicated in prepayment invoice submitted to the guest. Upon expiry of this term, the Hotel shall have the right to cancel non-guaranteed reservation made by the guest.

  1. Check-In and Accommodation Procedure

3.1. During registration at the Hotel, the guest shall fill in Guest Registration Card by indicating name, surname, and date of birth, name and number of personal identity document, telephone number, e-mail address, name and surname of accompanying adult, arrival and departure dates, age of children, vehicle licence plate number and shall sign the card.

3.2. During the registration, the Hotel administrator shall do the following:

3.2.1. to make sure the guest requesting service(s) presented accurate and complete data and information about him/her in Guest Registration Card and to ensure the accuracy of data and information provided by the guest, to check the identity of the holder of payment tools as well as to verify the validity and lawfulness of payment or other related transactions shall request the guest to present personal identity document and credit card used for guaranteeing reservation and/or making advance payment and shall make card verification transaction in accordance with recommendations issued by the bank;

3.2.2. shall verify the validity of visa under procedure established in legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;

3.2.3. shall introduce to the guest the Privacy Policy of the Hotel, General Rules For Use of the Hotel, Rules for Life Balance SPA mineral water pools & bath complex;

3.2.4. shall provide detailed information about Hotel services, valid special offers, working hours of the restaurant and Life Balance SPA and mineral water pools & bath complex.

  1. Arrival and Departure Times

4.1. The guest of the Hotel shall be entitled to arrive at the Hotel from 3:00 pm on the date of arrival specified in reservation.

4.2. The guest of the Hotel shall be obliged to check-out by 12:00 pm on the date of departure from the Hotel.

4.3. If the guest requests late check-out (after 12:00 pm), he/she shall be obliged to notify Front Office of the Hotel and ask, if possible, to extend the visit of the guest and room electronic key validity period.

4.4. If the guest leaves the Hotel no later than till 6:00 pm, he/she will be obliged to pay 50% of total daily contractual price (accommodation service price); if the guest leaves the Hotel after 6:00 pm, he/she will have to pay 100% of total daily contractual price (accommodation service price).

  1. Price and Payment

5.1. The procedure and conditions of the payment of the price (with VAT) for Hotel services shall be established in collaboration agreements, individual reservation offers and reservation confirmations, as well as on Hotel website hotel reservation systems and other official promotional and information material of the Hotel. Prices for Hotel rooms shall include breakfast (at Hotel restaurant from 8:00 am to 11:00 am) for two persons.

5.2. The payment to the Hotel may be made in cash, by credit card or bank transfer.

5.3. Unless agreed otherwise, final payment for Hotel services shall be made following full provision of services by the Hotel. If service provision agreement or any other individual arrangement–reservation confirmation is concluded with the Hotel, Hotel service payment procedure and conditions discussed in such agreement or arrangement–reservation confirmation shall apply.

5.4. Reserved and confirmed Hotel services shall not be compensated if the guest failed to use them and did not notify the Hotel about cancellation of these services under procedure specified in reservation confirmation or agreement.

5.5. The size of prepayment paid to the Hotel, payment conditions and procedure shall be provided for in service provision agreement, individual arrangements, offers and Hotel reservation confirmation and/or prepayment invoice presented.

5.6. The price for Hotel services specified in Hotel reservation confirmation might be changed only by written agreement of the parties.

5.7. One person occupying the room shall pay the full price for the room. At the request of the guest of the Hotel, additional bed may be arranged in room.

5.8. If the Hotel room is occupied by more guests than specified in Hotel reservation confirmation, an additional fee for each additional guest agreed on by the parties shall be paid to the Hotel.

5.9. Hotel guest wishing to bring a pet to the Hotel shall be obliged to notify and coordinate with the Hotel in advance when making a reservation. The Hotel shall charge the guest for each pet brought to the Hotel. The owner of the pet shall be responsible for the pet staying in a Hotel and shall undertake to compensate the Hotel for any damage caused by the pet.

  1. Storage of Personal Belongings and Liability

6.1. After the guest staying in a Hotel finds out that his/her personal belongings are missing, learns of shortage of, damage to or destruction of personal belongings, he/she shall be obliged to notify the administration of the Hotel of this, otherwise, the Hotel shall be released from liability for failure to safeguard belongings.

6.2. Guest shall have the option to use the safe installed in Hotel room. The Hotel shall not be aware of the content of the safe and shall not be liable for safeguarding, disappearance, shortage of or accidental damage to belongings. At the request of the guest, valuable items may be given for safeguarding at the Front Office of the Hotel by signing transfer and acceptance act. By accepting cash or other valuables for safeguarding, the Hotel shall have the right to demand for proper packaging and marking of cash and valuables. The Hotel shall have the right to refuse to accept items for safeguarding if such item poses a threat to other people, or because large size or considerable value of such item may inconvenience the Hotel and its guests.

6.3. The Hotel shall not be liable if items could not have been safeguarded at the fault of the owner of the items, accompanying persons or persons invited to the Hotel, force majeure or the properties of the item itself.

6.4. Hotel car parking lot shall not be secured. The Hotel shall not be liable for failure to safeguard vehicles of persons staying in the Hotel left in car parking lot of the Hotel and belongings and pets left in them.

6.5. The Hotel shall undertake to store personal belongings found (left) in the Hotel for 6 months following the departure of the guest.

6.6. At written request of the guest, personal belongings of guests stored in the Hotel, may be sent by post or otherwise transferred if the guest agrees to pay the costs of dispatch of the item(s) or of the delivery of any other item(s).

6.7. Persons staying in the Hotel shall be obliged to follow the requirements of cleanliness and rules of procedure, take care of equipment, furniture and other items in the rooms and common use areas.

6.8. The guest of the Hotel shall be obliged to properly use items and equipment in the Hotel and immediately notify the Hotel about any noticed malfunctioning. The guests shall be obliged to compensate any loss if such malfunctioning was caused by him/her.

6.9. The guest of the Hotel shall be obliged to compensate material loss suffered by the Hotel at the fault of the guest or other persons invited to the Hotel by the guest.

6.10. Items in Hotel rooms or other premises of the Hotel shall be the property of the Hotel; therefore, the guest of the Hotel shall not have the right to take them with him/her when leaving the Hotel, with the exception of single-use hygiene products.

  1. Force Majeure

7.1. The liability of the parties concerning failure to provide Hotel services in the event of force majeure shall be regulated by Article 6.212 of Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. Maintenance of Hotel Premises and Guest Servicing

8.1. Hotel premises, equipment, furniture and bedding must be clean and well-kept.

8.2. The Hotel shall provide accommodation, catering, health promotion and wellness services under procedure provided for in legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.3. Front Office of the Hotel shall be open 24 hours a day, room service shall be available daily, rooms shall be cleaned from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm or at any other time convenient to the guest till 10:00 pm.

8.4. To ensure order and safety, Hotel administration shall have the right to enter rooms occupied by the guest.

8.5. Hotel administration shall provide various paid and free services. For more information please review Hotel Information Book.

8.6. Hotel staff, without disturbing guests, shall carry out small repairs of premises and inventory, maintain cleanliness. Hotel towels shall be replaced daily, bedding shall be changed every other day. At the request of the guest, bedding may be changed daily.

8.7. If the guest places a Do Not Disturb card on the door, the room shall not be cleaned.

8.8. Free services provided to Hotel guests: mineral water pools and bath complex (complex has fitness gym, 4 bathhouses and 5 pools: outdoor kelo log bathhouse, sauna, steambath, laconium (bio-sauna), relaxation room with water beds, 2 outdoor pools (open outdoor pool during summer, open outdoor Jacuzzi with heated mineral water all year round), 3 indoor pools (swimming pool (8 x 24 m) with mineral water, massage pool with mineral water, Roman pool with mineral water). Mineral water pools and bath complex shall be open daily from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm. Children under age of 14 shall be allowed into Wellness Centre from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm only under the supervision of adults. Children under the age of 14 shall not be allowed into kelo bathhouse even under the supervision of adults; the bathhouse is for adults only.

  1. Other Conditions

9.1. Guests staying in the Hotel shall be obliged:

9.1.1. to strictly follow fire safety rules;

9.1.2. when leaving the room, to turn off water taps, electricity, TV, close windows and balcony doors, lock the room and make sure that the room is securely locked and outsiders cannot get access to it;

9.1.3. when leaving the Hotel, to pay for provided services, transfer the room to the Administration of the Hotel.

9.2. The following shall be prohibited in the Hotel:

9.2.1. to make noise in the Hotel and/or its territory from 12:00 am till 8:00 am, i.e., listen to loud music, play music instruments, sing, shout, whistle or otherwise misbehave. If the guest does not comply with this prohibition and disturbs public peace, persons staying in the Hotel and/or Hotel personnel, he/she will be liable under the procedure provided for by the laws;

9.2.2. to leave children under the age of 12 unattended;

9.2.3. to bring outsiders to the territory of the Hotel, mineral water pools & bath complex or the room without notifying the administrator of the Hotel;

9.2.4. to disturb other guests, to organize photo sessions in public spaces without advance coordination with the Hotel;

9.2.5. to smoke in rooms, restaurant, Life Balance SPA centre, other non-smoking areas;

9.2.6. to rearrange furniture or otherwise change the interior of the room;

9.2.7. to launch fireworks in the territory of the Hotel;

9.2.8. to bring life-threatening tools, guns or other items into the territory of the Hotel;

9.2.9. it shall be strictly prohibited to use catering services provided by other persons or companies and drink alcoholic beverages brought by the guest or obtained during the event in all public spaces of the Hotel and/or during and in the location of an event. Failure to follow these conditions shall violate Articles 6.38(1) and 6.200(1) of Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and Item 6(2) of Rules for Retail Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Trade and Public Catering Companies approved by the Resolution No. 618 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 20 May 2004, therefore, the Hotel shall not be liable for consequences resulting from failure of event participants or Hotel guests to perform contractual obligations during or following the event organized in the Hotel.

9.3. Hotel guests ordering health promotion or wellness procedure (treatment) or consultation at Medical SPA & Wellness Centre (hereinafter – procedure), will be able to cancel the procedure without incurring any penalty at least 4 (four) hours before the procedure. If the guest is late to cancel or fails to show up for the procedure, he/she will be obliged to pay full price for the procedure he/she failed to cancel or show up for on time. Free rescheduling of procedures shall not be possible.

9.4. Guests shall be responsible for their own safety when using Hotel’s Life Balance SPA & mineral water pools & bath complex services and shall be obliged to follow Rules for mineral water pools & bath complex.

9.5. Children under the age of 14 (fourteen) shall be allowed to use equipment and exercise machines only under the supervision of parents or adult persons accompanying children. Parents or adult persons accompanying minor children shall be responsible for the behaviour and safety of minor children in Hotel’s Medical SPA & Wellness Centre (in bathhouse complex, outdoor pools, fitness gyms).

9.6. If the guest fails to perform obligations assumed under the agreement for Hotel services and/or fails to use accommodation, catering, health promotion and wellness services, conference and banquet halls in accordance with the agreement with the Hotel, the Hotel shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement for Hotel services concluded with the guest without advance notice and demand the payment of 100% of the amount for services specified in reservation confirmation.

9.7. All information obtained by the Hotel and the guests during collaboration shall be confidential and may not be transferred or otherwise disclosed to third parties without advance written arrangement, except in cases the disclosure of information is required under the laws and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.8. The Hotel, by collecting, processing and storing data and information provided by the guests, shall follow the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation regulating the procedure for collecting, processing and storage of personal data. Hotel’s Privacy Policy shall be available at the Front Office of the Hotel and on the website

9.9. This Policy was prepared in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter – GDPR), Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – LLPPD), other legislation of the European Union and Republic of Lithuania. Concepts used in the Policy shall be understood as defined in GDPR and LLPPD.

9.10. Any disputes between the Hotel and its guests shall be negotiated.

9.11. In case of failure to negotiate, disputes shall be settled under procedure provided for in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.12. You can submit application/complaint concerning services purchased on our website to State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius, E-mail, Tel. (8 5) 262 67 51, Fax (8 5) 279 1466, website, also, to territorial divisions of State Consumer Rights Protection Authority or fill in application form on EGS platform



1. Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) and its Mineral water pool and bath complex (hereinafter referred to as the Complex) is located at Birute Avenue 52, Palanga.

2. Visitor is any person who acquired a permit, a season-ticket or who stays at the hotel in compliance with procedure established by the Operator or entered the Complex otherwise as established by the Operator.

3. The regulations establish the procedure for provision of services to Visitors of the Complex, obligatory safety, hygiene and service provision conditions. The purpose of the regulations of the Complex is to ensure pleasant relaxation to every visitor; other requirements for visitors; rights, duties and liability limits of Operator and Visitors of the Complex and to prevent unpleasant misunderstandings, traumas or losses.

4. The regulations are applicable to all Visitors of the Complex irrespective of their age. Before concluding the agreement on purchase of services (i.e. before purchasing of permit, season ticket, accommodation at the hotel), a person shall thoroughly read these regulations and observe such regulations when using services of the Complex.

5. Each person who acquires permit, season ticket or stays at the hotel is entitled to use the pools, baths, and saunas. Such person confirms that he/she has read these regulations and undertakes to observe them unconditionally. Regulations of usage of baths, saunas and pools of the Complex are drawn up pursuant to the law of the Republic of Lithuania. A Visitor is responsible himself/herself for the outcomes caused by failure to know the regulations or comply with them.

6. People of any age are entitled to use services provided by the Complex except in cases provided herein:

       6.1. People with infections, communicable skin disease or open wound; those who have complaints which could endanger their safety or safety of other visitors;
       6.2. People under in uence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances;
       6.3. People who have no permit, season ticket and are not guests of the hotel.

7. Children under 14 are allowed to the Complex only under supervision of adults who are responsible for the safety of such children. The adult shall be at least 18 years old and shall be fully liable for behaviour of the children and sticking to the regulations by the children.

8.Children under 14 are allowed to visit Complex from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

9. The following is strictly forbidden in the Complex and SPA center:
       9.1 to consume alcohol, food; to smoke;
       9.2 to bring glass containers or fragile cups;
       9.3 to jump, dive, get into and out of the pool, jacuzzi at the places unintended for this purpose;
       9.4 to run, tussle, loudly whoop, whistle;
       9.5 to take pets with you;
       9.6 to use cell phones and other devices which produce excessive noise;
       9.7 to bring with you and use in baths any infusions or extract
       9.8 to use cosmetics in baths and saunas.

10. Visitors of Complex shall be wearing flip- flops proper for moist floor.

11. Visitors shall change only in the booths specially intended for this purpose. Cloths, footwear, cell phones (with sound-less environment tuned on) shall be locked in the safety lockers. Operator does not hold any responsibility for the items left in the safety locker.

12. Areas of baths, saunas and pool are intended for relaxation and rest therefore silence shall be kept and recreation of other visitors shall be respected.

13. Visitors shall take a shower before entering and exiting pools or baths and saunas.

14. Visitors shall have a large towel or a sheet to lay on the wooden bunks under entire body in saunas.

15. Visitors shall lay a large towel or a sheet under entire body on the bunks and chairs in relaxation areas.

16. Flip flops shall be left at the entrance to the sauna.

17. When using outdoor Kelo bath and pouring water on stones, safe distance shall be maintained. Water may be poured only in small amounts (1/4 of sauna ladle).

18. Attention! Please be aware that your swimwear may change or lose its colour due to the active ingredients of the mineral water!