healing water

healing water

Did you know that the mineral water used in our hotel is 225–250 thousand years old?

This priceless gift of nature - an extremely valuable source of underground water in terms of mineral composition naturally rises to the surface of the earth from sand and sandstone layers exposed at a depth of 482 - 510 meters, which were laid on the bottom of the former ocean more than 355 million years ago. years.

We enrich all the water in our hotel's swimming pools and saunas with this special water, and we also offer it to all guests during their stay at the hotel. With such water, you can rinse your throat, do inhalations to ease breathing and many other health-promoting procedures, which we offer to choose from in the hotel's spa center.

You can always take this water home with you. According to the scientists who studied this water, a few sips of this water a day protect against all infectious diseases and permanently strengthen the immune system.

The total mineralization of the water is high 20.6–23.4 g/l, it is magnesium calcium sodium - sulfate chloride water with an increased concentration of bromide (Br) ions (53.2 mg/l)

Bromide ions in the body regulate the acidity of gastric juices, activate food digestion enzymes, and enhance the effect of insulin. Bromine strengthens inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex, participates in the synthesis of testosterone, therefore it is included in the composition of antidepressants and sedatives.

We are happy to be able to open the door to real relaxation for our guests - combining unparalleled natural resources and a relaxation oasis that we have created in their midst.

Mineral water "Palanga" well no. 47543